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Nipple speed

So I was just wondering when do you know your LO is ready to move from the SLOW nipple to the FAST nipple? Does anybody know?

My 12 week old DD is still using the SLOW nipple, but she seems to always want to fall asleep at the bottle and what should take 20mins usually ends up taking 35 to 50 mins to feed her. Then last week I have noticed she just spends a lot of time playing and chewing the nipple. So I am not sure if maybe this is a sign that its time for the FAST nipple?

Re: Nipple speed

  • I heard collapsing the nipple is a sure fire sign. I like Avent because they have stage 2 nipples so it's like an in between for fast and slow flo. LO seems to do ok on these. I tried to use the stage 3 but milk was coming out the sides of his mouth and h
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  • We switched to medium flow nipples way early on, maybe at 5 weeks or so.  It was taking DS so long to finish a bottle, and he would get angry.  He also was very gassy, I think from working so hard and swallowing a lot of air.  He has bee

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  • No advice here but I am thinking of switching to level 2 nipples soon like tomorrow. DS has all of a sudden gotten very fussy at the bottle and I wonder if its too slow.
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  • Our nipple collapsed so I switched to the next size up on the Avent bottles.

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  • We just switched from slow to medium. We made the switch because DD was getting very frustrated during feeding. She would take forever, pull the nipple out of her mouth several times and then act like she was looking for it, sort of chew on the nipple...
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  • I put medium flow nipples in lo's easter basket how fun. Will start this week.
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  • We switched to the born free level 2 nipples about 3 to 4 weeks ago. He was fighting the bottle to try and get milk out.
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  • We use Dr. Brown's and Tommee Tippee bottles. DS started collapsing the nipple a couple of weeks ago of the Tippee bottles so I moved him up to the medium flow nipples on both bottles. He is doing well with the medium flow (level 2) and I think the fast f
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  • I think I am going to sterilize our #2's today and try some out. jack has always been a small but frequent eater...maybe a faster flowing nipple will help him drink more formula in less bottles.


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