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Anyone vaccinate baby with mmr while pregnant with second?

My son is due for his mmr and chicken pox vaccine on monday and I am 11 weeks pregnant.  I have heard that because these vaccines are live that the baby will shed the live virus for up to a month.  This of course has me nervous as I do not want that affecting my fetus.  Has anyone vaccinated their first while pregnant with the second and everything was fine?

Re: Anyone vaccinate baby with mmr while pregnant with second?

  • If you're concerned, why not address your question to your child's pediatrician? I'd trust their opinion more than a bunch of Internet strangers.  

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  • If you are concerned, talk to your pedi and your OB. But yes, I did continue with DD1's vaccines on schedule while pregnant with DD2. I was about 10-11 weeks pregnant when she got her varicella and MMR at 12 months, neither of our doctors was concerned.
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  • Yes DD got varicella when I was 20wks pregnant and MMR when I was 31wks pregnant. I had concern about the varicella vaccine but the pedi put those concerns to rest.

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  • Talk with your pedi. I was told that the feces of children given live vaccines shouldn't be handled by pregnant women for a certain amount of time, maybe two weeks? after the vaccination. If you can't avoid changing diapers, just be extra careful, but of
  • Dd got her MMR at 12 months on schedule, I was around 16 weeks, but I am vaccinated and knew I was still immune based on recent blood work I just had done. Most doctors order a rubella immunity test as part of the first trimester blood screening, ask y

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