Too much sugar?

I know certain foods can give babies gas when you are BFing but I'm wondering if the amount of sugar I'm eating is causing my LO to have trouble sleeping? I snack a lot on candy during the day.

Maybe a dumb question but I'm at the end of my rope with this 7 week old that wont sleep.
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Re: Too much sugar?

  • AmyG*AmyG*
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    no the amount of fat and sugar you consume doesn't really change the composition of your milk--or the amount of vitamin C or other common building blocks of milk. your body makes those components to meet baby's needs, not added because you OD'ed on cad


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  • What PP said. However you LO could be sensitive to specific food. DS1 was sensitive to chocolate and would get a diaper rash and be fussy if I had something like a brownie but no problem with other sweets.
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