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Let's talk Easter Dinner~

Where are you going?

Who cooks?  (host, pot luck?)

Are you making anything?

What are you looking forward to the most?

Re: Let's talk Easter Dinner~

  • Where are you going? MIL's.

    Who cooks? (host, pot luck?) MIL does the meat, potato and everyone brings something.

    Are you making anything? Roasted brussell sprouts and spinach & artichoke dip.

    What are you looking forward to

  • Where are you going? We are hosting at our house

    Who cooks? host, pot luck? We are doing pot luck. DH is doing meat BBQ and everyone is bringing a side.

    Are you making anything? Deviled eggs and the burgers/hot dogs
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    Where are you going? My moms

    Who cooks?  (host, pot luck?) she likes to do it all herself and I help

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  • Where are you going? We're hosting this year!

    Who cooks? host, pot luck? Usually it's more of a potluck, but this year I'll be doing most of the cooking, since MIL is out of town, SIL is KU and deep in selling their house and house hunting,
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  • Where are you going? BIL's, we usually go to my Aunts too but this year DH has to work and I don't want to drive the hour there after spending the afternoon with his family.

    Who cooks?  (host, pot luck?) BI

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  • going to my mom and dad's. they cook, we help out. looking forward to my kiddos faces when they see their easter baskets/egg hunt.
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  • Where are you going? - My cousin is hosting this year.

    Who cooks?  Everyone offers to bring a dish, but the big stuff is on my cousin.  I guess it is considered potluck, but around here is is just what we d

  • Where are you going? Staying right here.  We alternate years and this year is a stay home (my side of the family) year.  Unfortunately my parents are in Africa visiting my brother so it fell to us to host.  My SIL & BIL are here

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  • Where are you going? My parents' house about an hour and a half away.

    Who cooks?  (host, pot luck?) My mom cooks most things, we offered to bring an app. and her friend will most likely bring a

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    Where are you going?  my ILs

    Who cooks?  (host, pot luck?) It is a pot luck, but My ILs are making a BBQ turkey and ham and a side and providing apps.

    Are you making anything? I am supposed to make a potato salad.


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  • image Arnegard:

    Where are you going? My parents' house

    Who cooks?  (host, pot luck?) my mom, but I'm taking a couple thi

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  • We're having dinner at our house. Easter is most important to DH (he's the one who goes to church, and my family is the one in town), so we end up doing it every year.

    DH and I will cook, but everyone is bringing a dish also. We're cooking Buffa

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  • We are going to my parents house, my mom makes dinner.

    We all try and bring something to help out.  I'm making a dessert this year- hopefully its good.  Got the recipe from pinterest a chocolate heath trifle.

    Looking forward to se

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  • Where are you going? MILs

    Who cooks? My MIL is cooking everything except the jello salad I'm supposed to bring. SIL doesn't cook and the rest of the guests are my SILs family so MIL would never ask them to bring anything.

    Are you making

  • We're staying home, just us and the baby. I bought a small ham. I'm making asparagus and baked potatoes. Easy peasy. We don't celebrate or have a tradition for Easter but it seemed like a good idea. DH has to work but just a couple hours. It's going to be
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