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Hurt feelings

Not sure the point of this maybe just a vent.
My sister is in town visiting. She is not married and has no children. She has not spent a ton of time around babies. We went to the zoo yesterday after being in the stroller for a while AJ started to fuss so I ended up carrying her. We went to the grocery store later she cried when we put her in the cart, she usually loves it. So I took her out and carried her. We have sleep issues that I know are partly my fault, but we are working on them. So last night when AJ woke up crying and we began our Ferbering, my sister told me that I'm raising a brat baby. Because we always give in. I don't think we always give in and I certainly don't want a brat baby. She really hurt my feelings. I'm just doing the best that I can.
Sorry so long but I needed to vent

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Re: Hurt feelings

  • If your kid was three and you were carrying her around every time she whined that would be one thing.  She's 8 months.  Your sister needs to realize that. 

    FWIW my son was so cranky yesterday and did not want to be put down. He's u

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  • Ignore her.  People who don't know about child development think that responding to a crying BABY is the same thing as giving in to your five year old whenever they ask for something.  It's not at all the same and is ridiculous for her to say

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  • I'm sorry your sister hurt your feelings. I agree with the pp that she just doesn't get it. Babies have needy days. That's just how it is. You're not raising a brat.
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  • I would tell her to just wait and talk to you when she has kids!


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  • i understand, but don't let it get to you. people without kids just don't get it. sometimes they think they know everything. 
  • My family says the same to me and I remind them she is a BABY!! All I do is give her what she needs for crying out loud. A hug and a pony are two different things.

    She can shove it. Until she has a kid she has no idea what she is talking abo
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  • My DH grandmother once told me that we were "spoiling" our DD by holding her all the time (she was 4 months at the time) believe me when I say NO BABY has EVER been a brat because they were held by their mother...I have two older kids I hardly ever put do
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  • People love to give their opinions/advises on how to raise children. Especially people who don't have children! So you will have a lot of unwanted comments in the future. Try to ignore them - you as a mother for sure know better how to handle your ba
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  • zyaszyas
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    She doesn't have kids so she doesn't understand. You're not raising a brat baby. I do the same thing as you, I carry Ava when she gets fussy. These babies of ours are 8 months old. None of them are brats, they're just being babies. I think your sister is
  • My feelings would be hurt, too.

    Your sister clearly has no clue! If she says anything else, tell her to shove it.
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  • I have such a hard time not telling people exactly what I think in these instances. As previous posts have said, you are not raising a brat, you're being a mother to an 8 month old child. There is a profound difference. That being said, I often have to


  • Your sister can suck it.

    You're doing a great job! It's hard to ignore parenting critics, I know, but it's something you're just gonna have to get used to. It doesn't change; haters gonna hate.

    So again, your sister can suc

  • Sounds like she was the brat in that situation, sheesh.  I'm sorry she doesn't get it :(
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