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WHY must you TOUCH my child?!

I also take care of my mother, who had a stroke 8 years ago. She's pretty independent but can't drive so I have to make sure I can get her to all her appointments or groceries and such. Last week when I took her to get groceries, my MIL watches the baby while we went. This week, MIL and FIL are down south on a cruise and my step mother was working, so I had to take her with us. Well the place was PACKED because its the long weekend and they close early. So, I pushed LO in a cart and her carseat, and my mom pushed the one with the groceries. Remember we live in a tiny community that we know pretty well everyone. And if you don't know them, they know you! 

I tell you what, it's hard to try and monitor what my mother is buying (for cost reasons), buy my own groceries, and stop people from mauling my baby!

Worst part? STREP THROAT is going around hardcore, like at least 12 cases in our community so far. Most of the time, people just look and oooo and ahhh over her, but once in a while, some idiot comes and has to frigging touch her face!! I had to seriously fight the urge to punch them in the throat. I don't know you that well lady, don't touch my baby! UGH!!!!

I feel like I need a onesie for her to wear to the store, that says "Use your brain people, don't touch me!"  

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Re: WHY must you TOUCH my child?!

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