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my boss!

My boss just got back from a month long business trip. It was surprising to me when I walked into his office to say hi and he got up hugged me, made a big deal... He told me how excited he was that I was taking over the office instead of being the secondary person which at that point was news to me!... Talked about my belly and how ready we were... We talked about the temp that was brought in and I told him I don't feel confident in him, but my supervisor had talked me into checking email from home when I can to make sure it doesn't get too crazy.

My boss said "well, how bad will it get? You'll only be out about a week or 2 right?"

I just gaped at him... Then started stutterring my way through how my supervisor said I could take 6 weeks but I was hoping to come back between 4 and 6... Uhhhh can someone inform this man about childbirth please? Haha.

I told my supervisor what he said and she just laughed and laughed. She has worked for him for 15 years and was there through the pregnancy/birth of his daughter and said he was a clueless nervous wreck the whole time, and obviously forgot what happens.
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