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My sweet angel is here! PIP

I know I haven't been a super prominent poster but I will still share my birth story:
I had a dr appt Tuesday, I was 38 weeks and she scraped my membranes. I had been 3cm for 2 weeks
Wednesday night around 11pm I woke up with stomach cramping and diarrhea that continued until around 1am. I was timing the 'cramps' and they were around 1min with 15 to 20 min in between. At 1am I went to the bathroom and had my bloody show. After that the contractions started coming closer together. I had 3 that were 1min long and 5 min apart so I woke up DH and told him this is the real deal. He sat through a few more with me before he decided to jump in the shower and load the car. While he was doing that the contractions became 3min apart and much stronger. Luckily we live 7min tops from the hospital.
Once we arrived at the hospital, I couldn't walk or talk through the contractions. They sent me straight up to LD and I was 6cm so they called the head nurse to check me out and she arrived about 10 min later and I was already progressed to a 9. They wheeled everything in and said its go time and I started freaking to say the least. I wanted an epi and I wanted it NOW! I stalled at a 9 for 20 min so they were able to get the epi cathader in but by the time it was in I had to push. I pushed for 1.5 hours and Addison Louise was born! She was 7lbs 11ounces and 20in long
So we got to the hospital at 4:30 and she was born at 7:04 on March 28th. Fast and furious! We are hoping to get discharged tomorrow. My platelet numbers are not where they should be so I am still being monitored
I tired to post a pic but I am on MB so I hope it showed up!


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