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39 weekers......

Just curious how many of us are still around?

And what "progress" (I use that term losely) everyone is making!??!?!


I am due Thursday. At my appt today I was 3.5 cm and 60-70% effaced. I was really happy with this progress (had been at 1.5-50%) for three weeks. My Dr. Doesn't think ill make my due date. My money is on Monday or Tuesday. Selfishly I am hoping its Tuesday as its my Dr s day in labor and delivery and it gets me to another pay period at work.

The good news for me is I'm done with work, so the reality is the longer she takes - the longer I keep getting paid. Hard to argue that.

thats my update.... How about everyone else!?!?! 

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Re: 39 weekers......

  • Unfortunately I was only at a 1 at my Tuesday appt (38w5d).  I'm also due Thursday and I'm hoping things will start jumping into high gear here very soon.  My last day of work was yesterday, so I'm ready for him to come whenever. 

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  • I'm due on Tuesday, at my last appointment last Tuesday I was 1cm 50% effaced, I have been having more contractions so hopefully I progress in my next Internal check on my due date, though I have a feeling I might go pass my due date, lol.
  • I'm still here, and I'm due on Monday. My midwives don't do cervical checks, but they can tell this baby has dropped like crazy. (I think my mention of "every time I stand up I feel like this baby is going to fall out of my vag" is what made them double c
  • I'm still here with pretty much zero progress. I am due on Monday and am only 1cm. The doctor has basically said I am not favorable at all...:(. We will be discussing/scheduling for her to induce me because she does not want me going too far overdue. So,
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  • I'm due Saturday 4/6, but just set an induction w/my dr for Friday 4/5. This is due to my age and not wanting to go over my due date. I also might get the bonus of having my actual dr deliver, which is a nice perk nowadays. So Nate will be here in a week
  • I'm due on Wednesday... as of my last appointment I'm 70% effaced and 3cm dilated which is exactly where I was the week before. I'm wicked uncomfortable and tired of the doctors saying that it will be any day now. "See you next week if you're still pre

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  • I'm still here, due next Friday. I was hoping the full moon a couple of nights ago would do the trick, but no such luck. My OB doesn't do cervical checks until you are overdue or get to the hospital, so not sure on progress other than little one has dropp
  • Still here... I'm due Tuesday, at my appt yesterday I was still at 1cm and 80-90% effaced, she stripped my membranes but obviously that didnt help. My appt is next thursday, then we'll talk about inducing me, we shall see.

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  • Still here :( Due Monday 4/1, but made not progress over the last week. at my last 2 appointments I was 3 cm.  Last Saturday I had contractions 8 min. a part for an hour, but they never got any closer and eventually went a way. I have ha

  • I'm lumping myself into this category since I'll be 39 tomorrow and just had my 39 week appointment. 

    My midwife that I've been seeing throughout my pregnancy is also pregnant and I found out she had her baby today. We have the same due date

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  • Still here. EDD is 4/5, but going in 4/1 for induction bc my cervix is very high still and so is baby. Only good thing about my cervix is its very soft. 2 Drs including my own have said that I an higher risk for c section because of my unfavorable cervix.
  • Almost a 39 weeker. No progress. Cervix is still so high that OB can't even reach it to check for dilating. She joked that baby was at +15 station. Also said her only concern was if baby stayed high s/he might pop a hand out before his/her head. Both my g
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  • Due 4/5, was barely 1cm and 50% today.  Will be induced on 4/8 if she hasn't come before then.  Hopefully my cervix will be more favorable by then so the risk of csection goes down. 

    Fortunately,I'll be done with work on Sunday aft

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  • Still here! EDD is 4/5. Last check up was Wednesday and the NP said I wasn't dilated at all, but did have some softening of the cervix. I have another appt with my doctor on Monday so we'll see. I can't even say that I've had much in terms of contracti

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  • My ticker is a bit off, I'm 39 weeks today. At my appt on Tuesday I was still a 1 and about 50 effaced. The craziest part of the exam was that the doctor said she could feel the baby's fingers right inside my cervix. Weird!

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  • My last appt was Tuesday and I wasn't dilated at ALL and only 10-20% thinned out :( He'll come when he's ready, I know...
  • I'm still here:) I'm due next Wednesday (my ticker hates me lol). At my last Ob appt on Monday, I was still locked up tighter then Ft. Knox and 50% effaced. My mom said that she went from 0-10 as soon as her due date hit, so I'm anticipating doing much th
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  • I'm due the 7th my doctor doesn't think I'll last that long. I'm only one cm. But I'm super anxious!
  • image Kennieb16:
    I'm due on Tuesday, at my last appointment last Tuesday I was 1cm 50 effaced, I have been having more contractions so ho
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  • I'm due Wednesday and am 2 cm dilated, 70% effaced.  LO is still up high though.  I have noticed more BH lately, but nothing I would term a real contraction.  I am so eager to meet my daughter and start this new phase of my life- it is maki
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  • I'm due Wednesday. I'm still completely closed and baby was at stage 2 as of my appointment Monday night. Alas... shim just isn't done cooking I guess.
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  • Still here. Due Tuesday (my ticker's a bit off). I feel like I'm not making any progress at all; I'm 2 cm dilated and the baby is pretty far down, but without contractions (or at least, without contractions that actually hurt), that doesn't mean anythi

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  • I'm due on Monday and have been having contractions like crazy, but not intense enough or regular enough to indicate actual labor.

    It's hard to get anything done with so many and such uncomfortable contractions.  I'm ready for baby to be her

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  • I'm due on Wednesday and I am still here.  I thought I was in labor on wednesday but no such luck.  I was having contractions every 5 minutes for about 2 hours but then they became sporadic.  Now I have been having contractions every 2 to 8
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  • I had my prenatal appointment yesterday. I haven't showed any progress. My doctor thinks LO will probably be a week late. She is going to let me go until week 42 and then she is going to induce me if he hasn't come before then. I really hope he comes befo
  • Today, I was 1cm and 50% STILL. I am a STM, however, so the preparations for labor don't always start in advance. The midwife bet on Easter Sunday. We shall see.
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  • Due next Friday. At my appointment yesterday, I was dialated between a 1-2 and over 75% effaced. I have no idea on when I will go, but I am hoping soon! I have another appointment on Tuesday and if she doesn't come before then, I will set my induction


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  • I am due next Friday, but don't really have much progress to report! I felt a couple contractions yesterday but nothing since then, and my doctor didn't check me at my appt yesterday & hasn't checked since 36 weeks when nothing was going on then! S

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  • 75% effaced, only 1cm dilated, false labor for the past week. I want her to come so badly!
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