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UPDATE on our "Lil Brave n Fearless Warrior"

Subject: UPDATE on our "Lil Brave n Fearless Warrior" 

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First of all My family and I and baby Koa are so overwhelmed with all the love and outpouring of love, concern and prayers we?ve received so far. We are by no mean out of the woods, but here is what we know so far...

The short of the prognosis is he has a staph infection which ended up in the blood stream and then attacking his rt leg bone. Osteomyelitis (bone infection) caused by a Staph strain infection. They are testing if the Staph is MRSA. In the meantime he's being treated for MRSA since treatment is relatively the same and will need to be hospitalized for a minimum of a week maybe longer depending on his response n recovery. For now my Babyboy is in a lot. of. pain. Every part of me is exhausted....mentally, physically and emotionally for my baby. Despite every Drs reassurance there was nothing we did or could have done to prevent it, the mommy in me replays his EVERY activity from the moment we brought him home searching for that aha moment he could've been infected. The truth is, we all carry staph and a vast majority MRSA. A tiny bump, tiny scratch or any teeniest of skin opening is all that's needed for these bacteria to have their way. For us we get a common cold. For infants, geriatrics, and compromised immune individuals... it turns critical.

The only thing I can even remotely pin point is taking him to the park on Friday (he was in his stroller 90%) and then by night he started acting fussy. From there everything is a big blur. He may have gotten a tiny bug bite... Who knows.... I?m just thankful we?ve got a diagnosis and we can get on the mend.

Thank you so very much for your thoughts n prayers... Koa, mommy and the rest of the family thank you truly.

Here he is being a brave soul... but even in the hospital Mommy?s bed is still BEST!




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