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We are back home, DS is sleeping and I'm considering taking a nap myself!

DS did really well through the night, only woke up a few times which was great considering he sleeps very lightly and people seem to be in and out of the room constantly. The resident stopped by early AM and said they were hoping to discharge and the nurse was pretty resistant saying he was on extra oxygen, and so on. When the doctor came by later on during rounds, she said as long as I felt comfortable taking him home she was ok with it because I'm a competent parent. They must have some ding-dong parents frequently I guess. I told her I was comfortable taking him home, we've been on similar oxygen settings before. He's usually on 1/16 liter at night but is on 1/4 continuous now. I'm happy to be home so I can do everything myself. I hate asking a nurse to come so she can suck out his nose. I can do it, it is my son. We have a follow up on Monday with our regular doctor in town. I want to tell her about improper use of resources, since it wasn't an emergency at all. We'll see. 

Thanks for thinking of us, everyone! 

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