It's been awhile

Even after 6 months, why didn't anyone tell me it'd be so hard to go to the hospital?

Work has been crazy or i would have posted more. Bradley is thriving. Just turned 6 months 4 adjusted. Still exclusively breastfed, meeting 45 month milestones, growing... He's bigger now than my 36 weeker was at 6 months 14lb!

We're not having more children, and we just moved. Found the box of preemie clothes and knew it was time. Went to antes, where I spent 35 days. Cried, hugged my nurses. Went to the NICU. Cried when I handed over the clothes and hugged his nurses. Now I'm sitting in the car feeding my little man aka. Gigantor, and I feel empty.

I'm sure this is normal, but I wasn't prepared. I wonder, what happens now? Life as usual? No clue. But I'm so grateful. So grateful. For everything.
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Re: It's been awhile

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