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What is your night time arrangement?

DH and I decided I would do all of the night time feedings since he works and he would do the weekends.  DS is bottle fed, so he can easily help.  My son is almost 6 weeks and is still getting up a couple of times a night,   I'm getting really exhausted and am dealing with migraines and a cough.  Addiitionally, I have to take care of our 2.5 year old daughter.   I'm getting frustrated that DH isn't helping more with the last feeding around 11pm or the second nighttime feeding around 5am.  I understand he is working, but I also need my rest for my health.  Plus taking care of a newborn and 2.5 old isn't easy either.

Also, I still end up waking up during the weekend since DH is a sound sleeper and doesn't hear our son when he wakes up.  So, I end up waking DH up.

 What is yoru arrangement for nighttime?

Re: What is your night time arrangement?

  • I do all the night time work for LO. In the long scheme of things, a few months of night time wake ups isn't so bad, so I just suck it up. I am not the one working hard to pay the bills, and in my house we all know that mommy's job is the kids and the hou
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  • In my opinion just because he works doesn't mean he can't help out. You're working, too, being a mom and taking care of the household. My SO works and helps out wherever he can - but, this came after I blew up at him for not helping more, to which his res
  • Taking care of your kids is still work.  Maybe it doesn't take the same amount of brain power as manipulating spreadsheets or working machinery but it's still important and you still need rest.  When my DS1 was first born and I was on maternity
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  • I should add that we don't really have a 'schedule', I just ask for help when I need it.
  • I do the night time stuff because DH has a potentially dangerous job to him and the public... i dont like thinking that hes tired and could make a mistake and fall off a 80 story bld or drop steel bars from there and possibly kill people...

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  • I put her to bed and get any wakes up 4am or later. He gets up for work at 530am. But between the hours of 10pm-4am, he gets her. She only gets up once during the night now. Before that he would get the first wake up and I would get the second. I

  • Now that she sleeps longer stretches I do all the night care. She won't take a bottle so I'd have to get up anyway. When I was really sleep deprived in the beginning, I'd feed her in the evening, and go to bed early. When DH was ready for bed he'd bring h
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  • I do all the night care as well. DH works and goes to school, so he is gone from 8 a.m. to midnight. If get gets home and DS happens to wake up then for a feeding, he may do that one. But I'm usually the one on-call. The weekends are a little different. D
  • DH will help with any feedings/diapers from the time he gets home from work until 1am.  He is "technically" in charge of her last feeding (between 11p & 1a).  I head to bed between 11p and 11:30p and leave DD with him.  My bedtime wi


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  • I handle everything at night. DH only does one feeding at 7 pm when we put LO to bed and that's only recently. DS didn't start getting a bottle until about 3 weeks ago. On the weekend, DH will sometimes get up with him when he wakes up (around 7 am) so th
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  • image lakreuz:
    In my opinion just because he works doesn't mean he can't help out. You're working, too, being a mom and taking care

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  • During the week I am the one that gets up at night. I go to bed between 10 or 11 and DH usually is in bed before midnight. He will feed him if he wakes up during that time period but lately DS2 has been sleeping 9 to 2.. So usually im only up twice. Anymo


  • I also SAH and have a 2 year old in addition to my newborn. My 2 year old has had a hard time adjusting to the new baby and has been waking up at night- so DH is in charge of putting him back to bed. On the weekends, my DH will get up for one of the baby'
  • I do newborn duty (I have the boobs) and DH does toddler duty (who still wakes up.)

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  • DH is up at 5am on the weekdays for work so I do the night feeding those days. DH does the weekends but I usually have to wake him because he sleeps more soundly than me. If I'm tired I'll nap when DH gets home from work. It works for us but we only have
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  • DH takes the late night feeding and i take over after 12.  Right now she has one 10/11 feeding, a 2/3 feeding and a 4/5 feeding.  However, soon I'll be getting up to go to the gym at 5 AM, so i'll take over that 10/11 feeding, and the 2/3 fee

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  • MH does the first night time feeding.  Most nights she's only up once at this point.  If she's up a second time, I do it.  I also handle the last feeding before bed.

    He doesn't mind getting up as much as I do and he falls back to

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  • DD2 is bf, so she bedshares with us.  I usually ask DH to change her dipe around 7am, though.
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  • I try to pump at least four ounces per day, which allows my husband to take a feeding.  I generally go to bed at 11:00 or 11:30, and sleep until he wakes me up for our shift change at 3:00 am.  This is all the sleep I get per day, as LO will not
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  • I EBF so I do everything.  I could pump but it's a huge pain so it's just easier for me to get up and feed her.  DD is also STTN from about 11pm to 6am so I can't really ask for much more than that at this age. 

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  • Right now our five week old is doing a 10-11ish feeding, a 2ish feeding, and a 5-6 ish feeding. I take the 10-11 ish (we're trying to go to bed a couple hours in advance of that, but it's still a work in progress), he takes the 2ish, and i take the 5-6

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