Oversupply and pumping

I am somewhat getting oversupply under control, it is not 100% for sure though. I still get engorged sometimes, I still wake up full, we still are working out some kinks. He finally is not choking, nursing finally is more peaceful. I am pretty full in the morning though and I nurse on one side only. By the time I nurse on the second side I am pretty much engorged. Through out the day things settle down, but I really dislike how in the morning I am so full and have to wait till about noon to finally have things calm down. It has been like this for awhile so I don't think my body is really catching on to the fact that it need to calm down even more on the milk supply. I am way tempted to pump 2 oz on both sides in the morning. I am really nervous that will send my supply back up and we will have more problems. If you had over supply issues were you able to pump a bit, or did that just send things totally out of whack? TIA!
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Re: Oversupply and pumping

  • I had a similar situation. I was initially pumping a bit off both sides in the morning, adn while it did feel better at the moment, I continued to be engorged every morning! For me, the best thing was to just tough it out and not pump, and after a week or

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    I had a similar situation. I was initially pumping a bit off both sides in the morning, adn while it did feel bet
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  • Pumping will make it worse. If you can tough it out, don't pump unless you're in a lot of pain; then just pump to comfort which would probably be less than 2 oz on each side.
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  • I just wanted to add that manual expression helped me a lot.
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