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Equal opp Membrane Sweep?

Mobile: Equal opp membrane sweep?

Has anybody received membrane sweeps from more than one Dr? Were they different? I feel as if my Dr. Is too delicate thus rendering her Sweeps ineffective. But maybe it's the same with all Drs although I cannot imagine a surly rougher type not giving a more thorough one. I almost wished I could do another one right after she 'did' me but with the German man handler no bedside manner type of OB that practices at the same center. Maybe next time. I just reeeeallly think all I need is a good sweep and things will get moving but what do I know.

It's a full moon, too, and it's gravitational pull is not working on me. It is quite gorgeous though.

Looking like an April child. It's been good, March. Thanks for all the good baby knowledge stuff.

But uh I'm still betting on March baby so if a couple of you can keep your fingers crossed that would be grrrreat. Maybe it will in fact be, a Good Friday.

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