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Hi everyone, guess who made his arrival 9 days early.....Miles Joshua is here!

A's water broke around 8:30am on Wednesday morning while she was at work. She said it was like a movie, and everyone told her that would never happen!

We met each other at home and called the midwife. She had us come in just to make sure the water broke. When we got to her office at 10am A was dilated to 4cm. She told us to go home and pack our bags, we were having a baby!

We went home and grabbed some Panera Bread for lunch. Our bags where already packed so we waited on our mothers to get to our house to follow us to the hospital.

A was not feeling any pain this entire time. We checked into our room at the L & D around 12:30. They checked her and she was still only 4cm. At this point her contractions had started and she was uncomfortable. She wasn't checked again until around 5:00. She was still only 4cm. She decided to get the epidural around 5:30pm. This was just what she needed. She was able to relax and by 8:00 she was 8cm and by 8:45 she was 9.5cm.

They had her labor down for the next hour. At around 9:45 she was complete. She started her practice pushes but with every push Miles' heart rate would drop. They tried different positions and nothing seemed to help. The midwife had her try all 4's (she had most the feeling in her legs still). This helped his heart rate, but it still wasn't good.

We knew something wasn't right when the midwife had the Dr called in. He came in and explained to us the importance of getting Miles out fast and safe. He decided to assist her pushing with forceps. With one good push Miles was "pulled" to safety.

Although our labor and delivery didn't go exactly as we planned, we are still happy with the outcome. He is here and he is healthy, that's what matters!

Miles is breastfeeding like a champ and Mom is doing great too.

Thanks everyone for your continued support on this board.


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Re: introducing.....

  • Congratulations!!!  I can't wait to see pictures of the little bundle of joy :-)
    T & G My wife and I married 9/10/11 in Niagara Falls, NY
    HSG 12/12/12        
    #1 ICI 12/15/12              BFN on 12/29/12
    #2 ICI  1/11/13                BFN 1/28/13                       
    #3 ICI 2/11/13                 BFN
    #4 ICI August 2013,  Clomid 100mg    BFN on 8/30/13 
    #5 ICI September-Clomid 100,  mg ICI 8/15 and 8/16,  BFN on 9/3
    #6 ICI October-Clomid 150 mg for 5 days   BFN 10/27
    uterine laparoscopy on 11/14-no endo or cysts
    #7 IUI December-Clomid 150mg    BFP 12/21
    12/23 Beta 51     12/26 Beta 209!
    First ultrasound on January 8th 2014-great healthy heartbeat
    Second Ultrasound January 23 (8 weeks) we got to see and hear the heartbeat
    Third Ultrasound Feb 4th(10 weeks), then will  released to OBGYN'
    It's a GIRL!
    We welcomed Adalyn Cooper Elizabeth on 8/29/14
    She was 7lbs 11oz and 19.6 inches long

    Proud foster parents to two little girls ages 2.5 yrs old, M,  and 1 year old, K

  • Congrats on your little guy!
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  • Happy Birthday Little Monkey!!  Congrats on the birth and glad to hear that he's nursing wonderfully. 

  • Congratulations to you both! And welcome Miles Joshua!
    M&K met 8/2002 married 6/2012
    TTC with RE since March 2012
    3 missed O's, 6 IUIs = 1 BFP then 8 w M/C, 5 BFNs
    (2 unmedicated IUIs, 2 clomid IUI, 2 femara IUI)
    Shared maternity/partner IVF, transfer #1 BFP!
    EDD 11/28/13
  • Congratulations!  How exciting.  =)
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  • Congratulations!!! Great that everyone is safe and healthy!

    36, married to my favorite person in the world, DW! One darling surfer-girl (11) and one darling, sweet boy born 3/16/13.

    5/2013 Started TTC #3, DW's turn: 5/2013: Diagnostics (shg) and surgery (polyp rem.) for best chances. July-Oct: IUI # 1-4, medicated, monitored, triggered.  All BFN. IVF in Jan May. Sheesh. Whoop! IVF#1 cycle started 4/2/14. 5/1: 19 eggs retrieved, 8 matured, ICSI'd.  4 fertilized.   Only 2 to transfer/freeze stage. 5/6: Two embryos transferred. 5/15: Beta #1 9dp5dt is 134! BFP! 5/19: Beta #2 13dp5dt is 672! B'erFP! 5/21: Beta #3 15dp5dt is 1853.  Yay!

    Due date: Jan. 21, 2015
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    "Things separate from their stories have no meaning. They are only shapes. Of a certain size and color. A certain weight. When their meaning has become lost to us they no longer have even a name. The story on the other hand can never be lost from its place in the world for it is that place.” ― Cormac McCarthy, The Crossing

  • Wow! Congratulations and welcome to the world, little guy!
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  • Congratulations and welcome to Miles!
    Met 07/07/05, Wedding 07/07/07, Legal Marriage Ceremony 12/9/12, Baby Boy Born 08/09/13 Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • What great news! I hope to see pics soon! Congratulations!

    DP and I have been together since 1/2007 and had a wedding ceremony 5/11

    IUIs - natural cycle, one cancelled, 2 w/50mg Clomid

    IUI #4 - 5mg Femera, ovidril Jan 2012 BFP!!! Beta 13DPO= 41, 15DPO = 123; 1st u/s at 6w4d HB 132!; 2nd u/s 8w4d HB 179

    EDD 9.26.13

  • Congratulations! That's awesome.
    ****loss discussed*****

    We're queer. I'm 33 and don't have any fallopian tubes left. My love ("Manada" on the boards, 32) was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve. We did Partner IVF (my eggs, her uterus). We lost our twins Tavin and Casey at 21 weeks gestation.

    Our TTC and Infertility history:
    with @Manada: IUI# 1-7 (December 2012- September 2013) all BFN. Tried natural, femara, clomid, puregon/follistim, clomid and menopur combo, both the ovidrel and HCG triggers.

    with me: blocked tube dx'd via HSG in December 2012; polyps dx'd via sonohysterogram in 12/2012 and removed via hysteroscopy in 1/2013; hydrosalpinx & ovarian cyst dx'd in 5/2013 via transvaginal ultrasound. Laparoscopy performed 6/2013 to deal with hydrosalpinx--dx of Stage IV Endo & bilateral salpinectomy during surgery. Repeat hysteroscopy 10/2013 with two polyps removed.

    Our IVFs:
    IVF November/December 2013:
    Cancelled IVF due to poor response

    IVF January/February 2014
    BCPs and lupron overlap
    Stimmed: 1/22-2/2: Bravelle and Menopur (dosage ranged from B300 and M150 to B375 and M150 to B300 and M225)
    2/4 retrieved 10 eggs. Endo was much worse than expected. Only 3 eggs fertilized; February 7 transferred two day 3 embryos, froze one. All great condition.
    HPT BFP on 2/13 evening (6dp3dt); Beta 1 (2/18 at 11dp3dt): 110; Beta 2 (2/20 at 13dp3dt): 175; Beta 3 (2/22 at 15dp3dt):  348; Beta 4 (2/26 at 19dp3dt): 2222; Beta 5 (2/28 at 21dp3dt): 4255
    1st ultrasound (3/6  6w 1d): TWINS!!!! Twin A measuring 6w1d with a heartbeat of 118bpm. Twin B measuring 6w0d with a heartbeat of 113bpm. 9 week ultrasound (3/26): We saw both move! Twin A measuring 8w6d with a heartbeat of 182 and Twin B measuring 8w5d with a heartbeat of 180.
    ***July 18, 2014 we lost our beautiful babies at 21 weeks gestation. They were born too early. Tavin Sara T. and Casey Elizabeth T. are beautiful and precious and we will love them and miss them forever.***


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    Congrats!!!  Enjoy these moments, they just fly by. 

    Married to my amazing wife 6/12/10 
    TTC since 6/11
    Unmedicated IUI #1 - 6/28/11 - BFN
    Unmedicated IUI #2 - 7/25/11 - BFN
    Robotic Myomectomy (Fibroid Surgery) - 11/15/11
    Unmedicated IUI #3 - 4/24/12 - BFN 
    Progesterone Supported Leuteal Phase IUI #4 - 6/21/12 - BFP!!
    Baby Boy G Born 3/24/13

    On to #2, are we crazy?
    IUI #1 - 11/28/14 - BFP!  Beta #1 (11DPO) 34, Beta #2 (13DPO) 101, Beta #3 (20DPO) 3043
    Stick, little one!



  • Welcome to the world little man!

  • Yay! Congrats!
    Same sex couple, Married 8/6/11
    Baby Oliver born 11/27/13

    TTC stats with donor sperm...
    IUI #1 with trigger, 1/4/13 - BFN
    IUI #2 with trigger, 2/1/13 BFN
    IUI #3 with tigger, 2/28/12 BFP EDD 11/21/13
  • Thank you everyone for your kind words! Life has been chaotic, but lovely!


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  • Welcome Miles!! Congratulations on you babSmiley - looking forward to pics

    Kaden Alexander born 7/13/12
    Owen Scott born 5/2/14

    Baby wearing, Breastfeeding, Home-birth Mama of two adorable little boys. Married to EV since July 2004.

    TTC History:
    2008 - 2009 (5 Tries, 4 IVI's & 1 IUI w/ FDS) = BFN
    3/2011 (6th IUI w/FDS) = BFP
    6/2011 - M/C at 13 weeks
    9/2011 (7th & 8th IUI w/FDS) = BFN
    10/2011 (9th ICI w/ KD) = BFP
    8/2013 (10th ICI w/KD) = BFP
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