pumping ?'s and BF'ing 10 month old

DS is 10 months now, and is EBF. Well, as in he has never had formula. He does eat solids...kinda :) I'm thankful as a working mom that I have always been able to pump enough for him when I'm working, because this was not the case with DS1! I nurse him when I am with him, and he has a bottle or 2 when I'm at work. He nurses or has a bottle 4 or 5 times a day and I pump 1 or 2 times after he's asleep and before I go to bed. He STTN. My first wasn't BF'ed after 6 months, so this is all new to me. I feel like he's still nursing pretty often, and doesn't have much interest in solids. He will eat them sometimes, but nothing like my oldest. I know all kids are different obviously, but I would really, REALLY like to stop pumping after he turns a year. He can continue to BF for as long as he wants, but I'm just SO. TIRED. OF. PUMPING. It would be amazing to go somewhere for more than 3 hours and not have to take my pump with me! I don't want to cut down a session because I barely pump enough for him as it is. I guess my questions here is, if I start cutting out pumping sessions one by one after his first birthday, will he be able to continue nursing? Every time I'm not strict with my pumping, or I go too long in between pumping sessions, I feel like I'm playing catch up for days afterwards. It's like my body automatically gets the "MAKE LESS" signal.

I also can't really get him to drink from a sippy. He loves water, and will drink it straight from my glass, but I can't get him to figure out how to suck the sippy spout, and we have nonchalantly been giving him a sippy to practice with and chew on since he was 6 months. I tried a straw too, but no bueno. I'm not sure how he will get enough to drink if he can't figure out the sippy, and I'm not there for him to nurse, if I stop pumping. He won't drink water from a bottle either, and I would rather give it to him in a sippy anyway obviously.

This all probably sounds really silly as I'm sure we will just eventually figure it out. Advice from those who have been there would be helpful though! :)

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Re: pumping ?'s and BF'ing 10 month old

  • I EBF'd my LO for the 1st year and pumped while at work.  I weaned off the pump by the time he was a year old and have continued nursing him successfully since then.   He nursed often during the weekend still at ~ 1yr but at 20 months, o


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  • I have the same worry but you can't pay me enough to keep pumping after the year. I don't pump enough so we supplement with formula. At 1 I will put away my pump FOREVER!

    I will transition him from formula to "milk" LO is MSPI so not sure wh
  • 1 - The Pump:  Like you I hated pumping.  With a passion.  I think I had a literal countdown until he turned 1.  "Only X more days till I can quit the pump!"  At that time I was pumping 4 times a day to keep up with him at dayc

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