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Uncontollable yeast!!! Help!

I'm not trying to be gross... but I have one long continuous yeast infection every time I'm pregnant for the entire pregnancy.  Even though I take Diflucan once every 2 weeks and you're only supposed to take it once a month.... and even though I use monistat or what-have-you... it's still very irritated down there!  I know probiotics help... and I use them too.... but does anyone else have any other ideas or remedies?

Re: Uncontollable yeast!!! Help!

  • Do you eat yogurt? If not I highly recommend it, and one with a lot of active cultures. I like Stonyfield Farms. Also, this may not sound appealing, but you might try going commando for awhile. I have a friend who can't wear undies at all because she
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  • I used to get those fairly frequently, but I've been able to prevent them for the most part now.  Here's a few things that I do that have really helped:

    1)  Wear cotton undies whenever possible.

    2)  After showering, blow dry

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  • A probiotic pill that has specific strains targeted to colonize where you need them such as the brand, Femdophilus. You take the pills on an empty stomach and in a higher dose for the first week or so to help establish a strong colony of the healthy bacte
  • I try to use Renew Life Brand's "80 Billion Ultimate Flora" when I can afford it (it's like the most amazing refrigerated probiotic ever) but it's like $40 for a 30 day supply.  It's safe to take during pregnancy too.  You can't really do a cand
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