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Night terrors?

My 3 yr old son recently started having night terrors. Most of the time it's on the days he skipped a nap, but it has happened even on good nap days.

What have you done during these episodes?

I've read you're supposed to let them be, don't pick them up, etc, but so far he keeps managing to "trick" me into thinking he's awake, which causes me to try and comfort him. I also have a hard time believing he's going to fall back asleep on his own after all that screaming.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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Re: Night terrors?

  • I just wrote a post this am about this.  I spoke to my son's peds and she said it sounded classic night terrors.  He doesn't seem to really be awake.  So she said not to disturb them, don't hold them, keep it quiet with lights down, soft mu
  • Before bedtime, read books like Dr. Seuss' sleep book.  Also, get him stuffed animals to sleep with.  The stuffed animals will "protect" him.  The line between night terrors and nightmares is very thin. 
  • My DD1 had these for a long time, about 4 nights a week.  She still has them occassionally and I've noticed that they directly relate to when she is overtired.  Not much you can do to help with them, may as well try to prevent them. 
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  • My DD just started having them.  I notice she is now scared of everything.  Hope it passes soon.
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  • Just posted, we had our first last night. We did everything wrong because we had no idea what was happening.

    In the end, I put her on her feet, and she slept-walked into the living room and sat in front of the tv, so I turned it on and she watche

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  • I responded to one of the other posts on this topic too...DS has night terrors as well and has for quite a while. At first we would run in because it sounded like he was being attacked but he was never awake.  We would try to shhh him and talk cal

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