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"Past Due" Vent

EDD was yesterday, so really I'm not really "late," sure I'm ready for him to vacate, I'm worn out emotionally and physically, but I know that technically he still has time and that he'll come out when he's ready. What I'm not ok with anymore and every single person in my office coming up to me one at a time "You're still here?" No, I'm in your head, it's all a dream! "No baby yet?" Oh, yeah, he came out, I just decided it was best to try and maintain this smuggling a basketball shape. "How are you feeling?" Like a beached whale that's slowly withering a way, how do you think I feel?! "Is he still moving around?" What the $%&( kind of question is that?!?!?! Are you trying to freak me out??? What's everyone else's most obnoxious line of questioning? I know people mean well, but I was hoping/praying/certain he was going to be early, not late.

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