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Back to more middle of the night feedings...

No question, more just a "aw, shucks!" post. For the last two weeks, DS was going down around eight, sleeping until 1 or 2, eating quickly and then making it to almost five or six. Well, we must be at a growth spurt because he goes down around 8, and is now getting up at midnight, three, and somewhere between five and six to eat again. He is so tired at 8 and drops so quickly I can justify keeping him up later to push back the feedings. And his day time naps are getting shorter and less frequent, so keeping him up would only translate to an extra hour with an overtired, fussy baby.  I was really enjoying the longer sleep stretches! Hopefully he goes back to the longer sleep schedule soon. Or even better, starts STTN! Haha, wishful thinking.

Re: Back to more middle of the night feedings...

  • Our little man is will be 12 weeks on Saturday.  He slept from 9-5:30am since 9 weeks.  Well, last week he started waking between 1 and 3 for a feeding, and then waking again at 5 and fussing in his crib for an hour.  We were so excited whe

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  • My little man is 11 weeks old, and I have had the same problem. He would go down at 8pm and sleep till 2am. Then, from 2 till 6am. This was good for him, however he started waking every three hours last week. It turned out to be a growth spurt because

  • There's a 12 week wonder week that's probably the cause of disrupted sleep.
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