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Thursday Ticker Change

Good morning, ladies!!



progress update (if any)

if you could choose any time of day to have your baby, when would it be and why 

any Thursday girls that have already had your LO, PIP!!

*sorry for any errors, my iPad sucks 


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18 months of timed sex, checking cm, 5 of those months on clomid and progesterone, thousands of OPK, hundreds of HPT, an STP, countless dildo cam u/s and pct later, we have a baby in there! due date 4/18/13

Re: Thursday Ticker Change

  • Good morning!

    week/fruit: 39 weeks -- I think I'm back to watermelon, though I went from watermelon to pumpkin and back again so who knows.

    cheers/jeers: I'm being induced tonight!  That is my cheer!  Jeer is that I woke up with a

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  • week/fruit: 38 Weeks/Pumpkin!

    cheers/jeers: Cheers: So incredibly excited to only be a few weeks away from EDD. Jeers: Hoping that LO is staying on track with growth.

    progress update (i

    [center] My Life Is About To Change Forever. [/center]

    [center] BFP 08/01/2012 EDD 04/11/2013 [/center]
    [center] We're having our baby girl! [/center]


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    [center] I love my city! [/center]

    [center] White Sox, Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks fan! [/center]

  • image WorkinWeezel:

    Good morning, ladies!!

    week/fruit 38 weeks

    cheers/jeers cheers: LAST DAY OF WORK! And it's the long

  • week/fruit- 39/Watermelon

    cheers/jeers -jeers; I feel like this baby is never coming. I really didn't feel good at all, all day yesterday. Thought it had to be the start- nope! Woke up feeling great this AM! 

    Cheers- although I sti

    "I won't give up on us, even if the skies get rough, I'm giving you all my love, I"m still looking up."
    TTC #1 since August 2011 MFI Diagnosis - April 2012
    IVF #1 - July 2012 - Stims start 7/2, ER 7/12, 20 retrieved, 16 mature, 13 fertilized!
    ET - 7/17 - 1 blast transferred. Beta - 7/26 273, Beta 2 7/30 - 1143. Beta 3 8/6 - 11,597
    12/25 - Santa tells us "IT'S A GIRL!" EDD - April 4th

    Our Little Easter Bunny has arrived!

    Molly Mildred born 03/31/13

    TTC A Sibling....... FET #1 11/14/14, Transferred one beautiful blast

    Remaining four frosties arrested due to "embryologist error"

    Plllllleasssee stick little icicle.....Beta 11/23...BFN

    Starting ALL over with a fresh IVF cycle

    Stims start 11/28/14, ER December 10th, 13 eggs retrieved, 11 mature, only 4 fertilized 

    1 Blast Transferred on December 15th..... Beta Christmas Eve... Please Santa, bring me a baby!

  • Good Morning

     Week /  Fruit - 38 Weeks today and I think Im pumpkin.

     Cheers / Jeers - Its been a long week and Im ready for it to be over. My fiance has been out of town all week for work and he comes home tomorrow fina

  • 37 weeks/ Winter melon had an ultrasound on Tuesday it was so nice to see my lil man again its been awhile! The good news is he is head down still so my doc said he is ready to go so if labor starts they wont stop it! Feeling more crampy lately and
  • week/fruit: 36 weeks.. I'm a honeydew!

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  • week/fruit: 37W, I think we are watermelon's til the end

    cheers/jeers: Technically full term, but def not in any hurry!  No real jeers, except my sciatic nerve pain flared up again yesterday and hasn't gone away ye

    BFP #1 10/12/10, Emma born 7/27/11 at 40W6D
    BFP #2 8/11/12

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  • week/fruit- honeydew 36 weeks

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  • This is my first time doing a ticker change...a little late, but here we go!

    week/fruit: 36 weeks and baby is a honeydew.

    cheers/jeers: tomorrow is my hubbies last day of work he will be a SAHD!

    progress update if an
  • image JSS1002:
    Good morning!week/fruit: 39 weeks I think I'm back to watermelon, though I went from watermelon to pumpkin and back again
  • Week/Fruit: 38/Pumpkin

    Cheers: My house is clean, my bag is backed, and I'm ready to go!

    Jeers: I don't sleep at night.  Ever.  Grrrr....

    Progress Update: Cervix is long, thick, hard, and SEALED SHUT.  Hahahaha.  B


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  • Checking in with my Thursday ladies. Reese is doing great and my husband and I are loving parenthood. No pics to share because our computer is acting up. Trust me when I say she's obviously a beautiful baby. Wink face.
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  • week/fruit 38/pumpkin!
    cheers/jeers OB wants to set date for induction and i am very conflicted progress update LO has definitely dropped
    if you could choose any time of day to have your baby morning, I have more energy then

    TTC since 2/25/12 BFP 7/30/12 EDD 4/11/13

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