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I love my baby but hate being a mom

I know I sound like and am the worst person in the world by saying this. I love my baby dearly but I absolutely hate being a mother. I wish my life could go back to the way it was before I got pregnant. I never envisioned myself being a mom and having kids because I always believed I would be terrible at it. Now I have this absolutely beautiful 2mo little boy and I feel like I'm screwing his life up. I finally tried to talk to my husband about it and he went off on me telling me I need to figure out what it is I need to make me happy because he's sick of my mopey behavior. He has waited so long to be a daddy and he doesn't understand why I'm having so many problems with something so simple. I wish I never told him how I feel but if I can't tell him then who am I supposed to go to?

Please no brash or rude comments I feel bad enough already. I just need to know if anyone else out there can give me some words of advice if they ever felt the same way. :,
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Re: I love my baby but hate being a mom

  • Let me see. Sometimes I still feel like this, I love DD, and I love my new life but every now and then I still feel like I remember when.....mostly it's I remember when DH and I could do whatever whenever type of stuff. I still catch myself getting frustr
  • Just wanted to send a hug.
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  • You definitely need someone to talk to who will listen without passing judgment. Can you afford a therapist ? Or have a pastor you can talk with ?

    Also if your dh is noticing your behavior is "mopey" could you be suffering from PPD? Maybe tal
  • Not a fan of your husband but mist importantly you need to take care of you. Please talk to your dr. I have to fill out a ppd survey every visit. Are you? Full it out honestly. Blaming yourself, unfounded fears and crying, anger, all signs of ppd. Go talk


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  • What you are feeling is normal. Pregnancy and postpartum really F you up, and for a long time. Men don't get it. They thing you get pregnant, carry the baby for 9 months, birth it, and you're good to go. Unfortunately it doesn't work like that.
    I a
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    You may be suffering from ppd. I would make sure to share w your dr these feelings.

    It is a huge adjustment and eventually it will just become your life instead of seeing it as a job. While I still question at times whether I'm doing the right th

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  • I agree with PP about possible PPD. Please talk to your dr. Also, the newborn stage is HARD and not particularly rewarding. It does get easier and more fun. I had to take my 2 year old to the doctor and to the grocery store today and we had such a good ti
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  • You should probably speak to your doctor about ppd. Babies are a huge adjustment and IMO even the most supportive husbands don't truly understand the day to day that goes into caring for a baby. It's not easy. They day it will get better so just hang in t
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  • Definitely no judgement here! I have my moments where I just need a break and don't want to deal with the crying, diaper changes, etc! It is tough work. We need to take care of our babies but also take care of ourselves. Happy mamas = happy babies!&nbs

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  • I'm sorry to hear you're going through this! I agree with other posters that you should mention this to your doctor.  It sounds like you may have a case of PPD.

     Also, you may want to try to get some baby-f

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  • I ditto everyone else. I don't think it was fair for your husband to say those things but he doesn't understand. It sounds like he wanted a baby and you didn't? Then he should be helping you out more you can have a little free time. If you don't have a


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  • Not much new to add here. I had to go see my OB for depression and I feel much better now. PPD affects so many women. He gave me some great advice...he said to get out once a day without the baby. I go for walks alone and the fresh air really clears my he

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  • I have had my moments of feeling this way too.i think we all do.  But if you feel like this all the time you should go speak to a therapist to sort it out. 

    Sending hugs! It will get better! 


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    You definitely need someone to talk to who will listen without passing judgment. Can you afford a therapist ? O
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  • Being a mother has been a lot more difficult than I expected. I get migraines and this extended lack of sleep is doing a number on me. Sometimes I wish we'd waited a few more years but I guess I don't really think time would change how I feel. I sincerely
  • I agree with the other ladies on PPD and seeking counseling so I won't reiterate. I do think there is a part of acceptance you have to do. Accept that you are in fact a mother and look at ways that you can enjoy it more...which may get easier as LO get

  • I agree with JennV514. My doc says you can have PPD for up to a year after the baby is born. I, personally, only had about a week or two of mopey-ness with my 4th (now 11 weeks), but I do know a lot of people who have had it for months and months.

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    I also agree that it's normal to miss your single or pre-kid life sometimes. Those we


  • Certainly no judgement here! Being a mom is the hardest thing I've ever done. I have always wanted to be a mom, but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I love my daughter very much, but it's exhausting. I am praying for you.


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  • Its normal. I went through this bad with ds. Never diagnosed with ppd. I have it a little now but not nearly as bad as last time. The baby stage sucks. Its not at all rewarding. I got better when I got bacj to work and lo became more of a petson with a
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  • Honestly, I have struggled with this feeling on and off since my son was born. He had really bad colic and remains a fussy/high maintenance baby.Due to the constant crying, I have been essentially housebound since we brought him home. I know exactly what
  • Oh sweetie! I don't think there is amom out there who has not felt this way. We adopted, so I cannot speak to postpartum issues, but I can say that I have been where you are at times. I have a career I love, we were able to travel, go out to eat, do wh

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