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How much do you push eating with utensils?

LO has been fully capable of using utensils almost since she was old enough to eat - however it's just plain easier to eat with her hands!

Honestly it really doesn't bother me, and we always wash her hands before and after meals, but I know at some point we need to get to better table manners.

How much do you "force" LO to use utensils over their fingers? (Let me clarify this is for items like corn that aren't that easy to navigate - if she's eating a liquid like applesauce or yogurt, she uses her spoon).


Re: How much do you push eating with utensils?

  • N kind of likes utensils, so he chooses to use them a lot of the time.  When he doesn't my response is generally to roll my eyes and say something like, "Little dude, you know you have a fork right?"  Generally he'll giggle and use it and if

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  • I was just diacussing with my mom about how hazel was better at eating with a utensil when she was 12mo than she is now. These days she just doesn't give a , she just wants to do whatever is easier and faster. Toddlers really couldn't care less what you t

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  • We usually start out with utensils, but DS ends up using his hands.  I might say, "How about your fork?" but beyond that, I don't really care.  Sometimes I give him a spoon for things that we use a fork for, like rice, and he's ok with that.&nbs
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  • We never really had this issue b/c DS freaks out when his hands are dirty with food. Now that he is over his refusal to feed himself phase, he always uses his utensils. When he whines that he can't do it or needs help, I tell him he can use his hands if h

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  • Lately G acts like she never learned how to use a fork or spoon, even dipping her hands into yogurt, etc instead of using the spoon. Drives me mad and she knows it I think. I haven't been making a big deal about using utensils except with liquid items. So


  • I don't push it too much.  He usually does well with utensils, but prefers using his fingers if he's tired.  As long as he isn't banging his fork on the table, we're good.
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  • Hard to say, items like corn I try to mix with something like mashed potatoes so that it's easier for her. If it was just corn niblets, I'd probably let her use her hands.

    Something like lasagna, I  tell her to use the fork.  And som

  • I can never tell if DS will use his fork or not. He seems to switch back and forth. I think he's still little enough that it doesn't matter and long as he's not making a mess.
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  • kj07kj07
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    DS is pretty good about utensils, but OMG I can't stand it when he bangs his fork against the table.  It always makes me want to put the fork in timeout, but then we won't get the utensil practice.

    It is pretty cute however, when he's ha

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  • image pitterpatter129:

    N kind of likes utensils, so he chooses to use them a lot of the time.  When he doesn't my response is g

  • I can always tell if DD likes her meal because she declares "I'm going to use my fingers" and digs in.  We typically try at the beginning of the meal to encourage using the proper utensil with the food and she usualy starts out trying that. 

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  • Not at all! I seriously cannot concern myself with how he does it, when I spend all day trying desperately to make him eat something, ANYTHING! ;)
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