How to get an MFM/perinatologist?

Hi ladies,

After speaking with some MoM's, I am want to at least have a consult with an MFM. I'm not in love with the care I've been getting from my practice and I obviously want to be in the best care possible. I spoke to my OB about this and he said he would speak to the MFM his office consults with to see if she felt the need to see me, but that he likes to manage twins w/in his practice. My coworker, who has twins, said her practice routine send MoMs for at least one appt/eval with an MFM.

I've scheduled a 2nd opinion OB appt., and this practice delivers at the only hospital in town with a level III NICU (you can never be too careful), but what if they don't refer me to a MFM either? Has anyone just called one up and asked to be seen or do you always need a referral?

Just reread the Dr. Luke book where she recommends every mom of twins be seen by an MFM. Sounds like my OB disagrees. Thoughts/advice? 

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Re: How to get an MFM/perinatologist?

  • I saw an MFM for our nt scan. I asked a bunch of questions and he assured me that my ob and their practice deal with lots of multiples, and unless something else happens, or I have to come back and see him, i'm fine in their hands. I agree that you sho

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  • you can seek one out yourself.  Unless your plan requires a referral. Then ask your OB to refer you to one. 
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  • Whether you need a referral depends on the practice and your insurance.  Check with both to see if either require it.

    Personally I agree with Dr. Luke that all twins should see a MFM at some point, if not throughout the pg.  My hospital

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  • I never saw an MFM though I didn't find my twins until 20 weeks, so maybe I would have if we'd known in the early days and felt I received great care from my OB with my di/di twins. I'm also one of the lucky ones who had zero complications, so take that w
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  • Thanks ladies. My insurance does not require the referral but the ones I've tried calling thus far say that they work in conjunction with the OBs and to have the OB place a referral. Guess I'll keep trying...
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  • I would call your doctors office and ask them to leave a note with your doctor that you would like a referral. No biggie. If he won't or makes it difficult, find a new OB. :)
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  • My OB managed my care, but I asked that I be sent to the MFM for all ultrasounds/ NSTs/ BPPs... They normally sent patients to a radiology practice for all of the big ultrasounds, but I went to the MFM instead. The MFM consulted on the ultrasound/test

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  • My OB does the a/s of all multiples through a perinatologist. (sp?)

    I think if insurance allows you to, seek one out.  

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    My OB liked to manage twins too and the only way I got to an MFM was b/c my insurance required an MFM do the anatomy scan.  The MFM was horrified that they hadn't seen me and required me to come twice a month. I really think it's all about billing


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  • I sought out an MFM on my own I'm a NICU nurse and just felt more comfortable seeing one. It was a bit of a battle with my OB, but I started seeing my MFM at 13 weeks and I am so glad that I did! My twins are monodi and run a high risk of TTTS. We are cur
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  • Find a way to get seen regularly by a mfm. I love my OB, but his u/s equipment is not equipped to see the things needed to keep track of twin development. Of course, this may not be the case with your OB, but let me just say this: my OB had referred me to
  • I saw MFM for my NT scan and will see them at 17w for an a/s scan and they will more than likely sign off on me to go back to my OB unless I really want to drive 3 hours one way to see them weekly. My doc said if I go into early labor and we cant stop


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  • I was pregnant with mono/di twins & was told by my OB that I would be seeing an MFM along with his care. I didn't have my first visit with the MFM until after my 20 week a/s. Things were good the 1st visit & then the next we starting seeing sig

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