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Anyone Potty Training?

DS's doctor recommended we start sooner rather than later.  Has anyone potty trained already?  Any book recommendations?  Any recs on whether to use the big potty with a toddler seat or an actual potty chair?  Thoughts on training for overnight?  I am curious about overnight training because DS wakes up in the mornings soaked and I don't think he could make it overnight yet.  He does seem ready during the days and he is very interested.  I don't want to miss my chance for it to be "easier" and then have a stubborn three year old on my hands.  

Also, it never occurred to me to even think about potty training him until the doctor mentioned it.   Thoughts?

DS born August 2011
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Re: Anyone Potty Training?

  • Chloe potty trained at 21 months.  She used to wake up soaked also, but now she wakes up with like 1 pee in her diaper (we even got 1 dry diaper the other day).  Nighttime can't be trained, it just happens.  We did the 3-day potty method

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  • Overnight is a totally different milestone than daytime. Many kids train daytime months or years before nighttime. I recommend the no cry potty training book if only for the potty training readiness quiz. I can't tell how old your child is, but not many a

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  • Thanks, ladies!

    Good to know about the overnight training.  Makes sense.  

    Thank you for the book recommendation.  I will check that out.  DS is 19 months old.  Doc recommended it because he is "advanced" (not bragg

    DS born August 2011
    TWINS are on the way!
  • We potty trained at 18 months. We did a crash course over the holidays. We have the ring for the big toilet and she has two old fashion wooden potty chairs. Now she chooses which one she wants to use. We still have accidents but they tend to be when t
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  • DD is 20mo and we got her a little potty seat. I made sure to get white so it matches the other toilets in our house.  I set it next to the real potty.  She loves to say "potty", remove her diaper, and go sit on it.  Then she'll get toil

  • DS is 15 months and will tell us when he needs a diaper change, but I'm not going to potty train until he's 2.  He's at DC 5 days a week and they don't have a potty in his room and won't until he's in the 2s room.  So, I don't see the point in s
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  • we started around 13 months. we started because DD had a bad reaction to a diaper cream and her rash was soo bad.  We got a potty just to try it and start to get her used to it. well she took off right away and pee'd and pooped in it by the first few
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