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XP: Formula Question

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My DD has a protein allergy so we are on Similac Alimentum. Her dr gave us samples of ready to feed but I'm also on WIC, thank goodness since one can of powder is 33!, they will only let me get the powder form. I really like ready to feed because you don't have to shake it and DD has done great on it.
My question is about premiering the powder formula. What I've found online says its fine to premix a certain amount and refrigerate for 24 hours. Has anyone done this? Does the powder settle or separate when you premix? I thought about mixing a certain amount and going ahead and pouring it in bottles so I can just pull them out and heat them up, that's what I've done with the ready to feed.
Hopefully this was not too rambly lol Any advice or experiences would be great, thanks ladies!

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