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Who drinks WCM now?

DD will be 1 year on the 16th and I'm wondering how to go about her starting to drink WCM. The pedi hasn't said anything about it and her 12 month check up is the 24th. TIA.

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Re: Who drinks WCM now?

  • the can of formula finished and I did not open a new one...he will be 1 on 4/7...I did 1/2 formula 1/2 WCM for a couple days...he has been on WCM for a few days now.
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  • We just started today! I put a swig of WCM in her two bottles for daycare today. They said she didn't seem to notice. So, I'm putting a little more in tomorrow, and will continue to increase over the next few days. It's going to have to be a pretty quick switch, though, because we are running out of frozen breast milk to use!

  • I just did one scoop and 2 oz less water for almost a week. Then I did 2 scoops and 4oz less water until I ran out of formula.

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  • When I got to the last can of formula we just started to add 2oz of WCM to 4oz of formula and after we finished the can, we went straight to milk. She didn't have any issues.



  • I'm doing 2oz formula rest milk til the formula is gone. Any suggestions out there on getting them to drink it straight from the fridge? I have tried just making them colder and colder, but she still has point where she's like "No mom, warm it a little more please."
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  • We just had her 12 mth yesterday and she told us to do half formula/half WCM until all formula is gone. We gave it to her yesterday and she didnt even notice.
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  • My man started WCM All day long this Sat. He  started last week splitting formula/milk for about 4 days, then we did split bottles, then one whole bottle at night for like 4 days - then went to all day. So far no issues! :)
  • Reading everyone else's replies helped me so thanks!

    My one year old had been BF or drinking almond milk up until his last 12 mos appt in which we were told to include ORGANIC whole cow's milk. (According to my Dr chemicals are in the fat so she suggested organic till he can switch to low fat). I now realize I neglected to take the time to cut the milk and almond milk consistently. He does not like the WCM so far and drinks only a couple of sips. Back to mostly almond milk and slowly changing percentage. Thanks all!

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