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I hate bras

I know we can mostly relate to the title of this post-but I am honestly over it! 34H is not a real size apparently (I know it is but nobody has ever heard of it in stores I guess). I get the wide eyed look of disbelief when I tell the ladies that's what I need and to please help! I don't want the bras that go up to my chin and are super thing (hah I rhymed!) for fear of scaring everyone with my nipples. I just want a good bra, comfy, supportive, have a little "padding" to help keep the nips at bay. I'm even willing to spend money! But no. Sports bras help-but make my boobs look flat and wide and I get self conscious if I wear them out. The bottom of my bra is killing me because my bump is so high! What do you all think of the idea of me tying string to my nipples and halter tying the string around my neck? lol...jk...kind of.....

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