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Sex after baby

My daughter is now 3 months old and my boyfriend and I haven't had sex since her birth.  

Honestly, i'm terrified of it.  I don't know what to expect and am afraid I'll bleed and be in horrible pain from it, so I just avoid it at all costs and feel bad for my poor boyfriend.

When I went to my 6 wk PP check up, the doctor said I was still "healing" down there, but I don't know when it'd feel okay to do it again and am such a chicken!

I'm also scared of future pregnancies and will be paranoid for so many reasons since my daughter was an "oopsies" baby.

 Any advice? 

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Re: Sex after baby

  • Basically, you just need to give it a go. If it hurts, you stop. Start out really slow and use lots of lube! For the future pregnancies thing, get on birth control if you aren't. Our son was also an oopsie baby but now I see him as a perfect little miracl
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  • I don't have any advice, but you're not alone... I'm in the same boat.  I talked to DH a few weeks ago because I knew he was beginning to feel like "are we ever going to have sex again?!"  I told him I was worried about it hurting, scared of


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  • I started birth control a week or so ago for the first time, so I'm hoping that between the pill and condoms, we will be okay.

    I know, I need to stop being such a chicken! 

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  • You sound just like me... I feel better! :)
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  • When we had DD sex was weird.  I hurt a little but it made him happy.  Now that may have been because it was about 5 weeks.  We had sex about that same time with the boys after the doc cleared us and I was more than ready and no pain. &n

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  • I went in to my doctor at 15 weeks pp. my DH and I had tried to DTD twice and it hurt!! I am only 23 and felt like I would never be the same. I tore in 2 places and was so scared that I would retear. She said its completely normal and to use lots of lube
  • lube and a few glasses of wine make everything okay. Just sayin!
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  • image mbm1983:
    lube and a few glasses of wine make everything okay. Just sayin!

    haha perfect! You just

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  • image CSmith8911:
    She said its completely normal and to use lots of lube and grin and bear it.


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  • We didn't have sex until about 3 months too because I was so nervous (I tore pretty badly...) We used a lot of lube and he took it really slow. I won't lie, it hurt a bit at first, but it did get better. I did bleed enough to soak pantyliners for two days
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  • I had an almost 4th degree tear, and then another labial tear on my left side. DH and I didn't have sex for a long while (it was after my 6 wk appointment, but before DS turned 3 months). It hurt really freakin' bad the first several times, but after t

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  • We had sex 3 weeks pp and I had an episiotomy aswell.
    No pain or discomfort at all don't even know why I was worrying.
    if you've pretty much healed and are emotionally ready then just relax and go for it!
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