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WWYD - Daycare Situation

Ladies: I?ve been mulling this over for a couple of weeks now and just cannot figure out what to do. Your advice would be appreciated :)


Here?s the situation: My son has been attending the same, small, in-home daycare pretty much his entire life (since he was three months old).  His daycare provider is wonderful, loving and has made him a part of her family. We have been very happy with everything and I know we are lucky to have her.


She has two young kids of her own and watches them, plus my son and 1-2 other toddlers. So it?s about a 5:1 ratio. Recently, she told me she is pregnant and I just assumed she would want to take some time off to care for her newborn when it comes and I told her I would plan to take my son somewhere else starting about a month before she?s due and think about bringing him back to her after she was back in the swing of things (I assumed that would be when her newborn was about 3 months old). Well, you know what they say about assuming. She was really hurt that I suggested this. She said she plans to only take a week off when her new baby comes. But I?m just not sure how comfortable I am with her watching my son right after she has a newborn and also, when she is mega-pregnant. He?s a good boy, but super active and I?m afraid he wouldn?t get stimulated properly when she?s caring for a newborn baby as well, plus 4 other kids. To add a further element to this, I just found out I am pregnant myself ? due only a few weeks after she is. So he will be dealing with tired, pregnant mom and a newborn at home as well come this fall.   

There is a commercial daycare very close that has a good reputation. Or I could find another in-home. Or I could just leave him in her care. She loves him and takes great care of him, I?m just not sure how well it would go with a newborn in the mix.


What would you guys do? Would you be comfortable with this situation? 


Thank you!

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Re: WWYD - Daycare Situation

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