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Back to work soon...

Hi ladies!


I go back to work on April 8, and we've been starting to establish a more sound nighttime routine.  Right now, my son (3 months on Friday, but adjusted age 9 weeks today) still gets up once during the night to eat, typically around 3:00 or so (we EBF).  He'll then wake up for good around 7:00 in the morning.  Right now, it's a great schedule, but when I go back to work, 7:00 is when I need to be leaving the house.  I don't know how to make adjustments to encourage him to eat at a different time.  In a perfect world, I'd encourage him to eat around 5:00 or 5:30; then I could get ready for work and he'd take a bottle right when he gets to daycare.  However, I just don't know how to help him make that switch.


At nighttime, he gets a bottle from Dad around 7:30, and then sometimes he'll wake up again around 10:30 for one more feeding.


What do you other working moms do?  How do you feed your babies so that the timing doesn't interfere with going to work? I don't want to force a strict schedule on him, as we believe it's not what is best, but I also feel like I need to start implementing a little bit of structure so things will go smoothly on the 8th.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated -- thank you! :-)


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