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2nd child - 1st natural birth

I had my daughter in May of 2009. I 100% intended to have a natural birth, but it didn't happen. I ended up getting an epidural at 6 cm.

This time I am due August 2013 and do not want an epidural again. I have a lot more support this time, and I know why I had so much trouble laboring before (I was induced with pitocin and my water was broken by the doctor immediately after starting the IV. Contractions came on hard and fast; no building up of pain. Additionally, staying in the bed was uncomfortable, but I wasn't allowed out).

I am mostly looking for info about the Bradley Method, but all help is appreciated. Should I get a book about the Bradley Method (if so, which one), or would it be better for my SO to take a class? I can't afford a doula, so my SO is my coach. I want us to be more prepared than last time.

Any advice?

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Re: 2nd child - 1st natural birth

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