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STM, TTM...water breaking question

so I know all of us toss and turn every night. Ive heard that alot of womens water breaks when they sit up or stand out of bed, has anyone had their water break while laying in bed?
Mine broke at the hospital last time and I never saw my MP. We have a waterproof mattress protector under our bedding so Im not so worried about our bed being ruined. My nurse told me its about 2 cups of water. Im ready as far as having a hospital pad for the ride there and a thick towel to put on the seat. I guess I just want to have enough time to wash our sheets before I go to L and D. Maybe the whole water breaking thing kind of grosses me out. I dont know.
What are your thoughts? TIA!

Re: STM, TTM...water breaking question

  • Yep, my water broke while I was lying in bed. I think I was already asleep, and it woke me up! Thank goodness for mattress protectors. It just kept coming, too, all the way to the hospital. Towels are handy. I had to go on in ( I was 35 wks),so there


  • I really have no idea when my water broke.  I went into labor with DS1 at 37w5dd at 5:09 am.  I lost my MP (all at once) and started contractions IMMEDIATELY (luckily I'd gotten up to pee, maybe the contractions woke me and pushed agaist my blad

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  • I woke up at 2am with DD and remember hearing and feeling a pop. There was definitely clear fluid on the bed (we had a mattress protector) but it was nothing compared to when I stood up and started walking around. I started contracting hard and fast after
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  • Mine broke while I was sleeping, but didn't gush. It just came out in squirts when I moved. I honestly don't remember anything about the sheets getting dirty/wet.

    I didn't know it was my water breaking, so we waited on my contractions to become r

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  • Mine broke while on the subway (Metro) to work. I got up from my seat, felt a "pop" and then it GUSHED out, soaking my pants. So if that happened in bed, I would have been happy to have a mattress protector there. And like previous poster, mine just kept
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  • Mine broke while I was at the hospital in labor. I was sitting in bed.

    I have no idea how much liquid was in there, but there was blood and stuff mixed in. I wouldn't want it on my mattress or couch or whatever, but there's not much you can do ab


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  • My first broke walking into L&D. Second time I awoke, felt something 'funny' and walked to the bathroom with some leaking (assuming it was my water), got to the bathroom and it completely broke. I don't remember my sheets being overly wet because it h
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  • Mine broke while lying in bed. I was awake still and heard/felt a pop. Nothing ended up getting on the bed but when I stood up it started gushing and continued to the entire time I was home and on the way to the hospital. DH cleaned up what got on the flo
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  • My water broke in the middle of the night.  I woke up to go to the bathroom and as I rolled over to get out of bed, it broke.  My best friend went to our house while we were still in the hospital and washed the sheets for us!  Seriously?!?!
  • Mine did. But it wasn't that big of a deal, most of it came out when I stood up.

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  • image ErinInVA:
    My first broke walking into Lamp;D. Second time I awoke, felt something 'funny' and walked to the bathroom with some leak
  • Just have a change of sheets ready to go to change the bed if it happens. Have DH wash them later.   Mine broke with my daughter while I laid in bed, I wasn't moving at the time. I had a rolled up towel that I'd been using to support my legs while


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