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No BM for a few days...

So, I'm not really too worried cause I know it can happen, but have your LOs had stretches of no BMs for a few days? DD has normally poo-ed 1-2 times a day, but just recently has gone to 1 per day, and she hasn't poo-ed well since Saturday night.... 

 I don't feel concerned because she's eating/wetting fine, isn't cranky, and her belly isn't too hard or bloated.

 What are your experiences with your little ones? 

 PS - She is EBF. 

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Re: No BM for a few days...

  • My LO hasn't had that happen yet but for an EBF baby even a week is normal.
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  • This has happened to us with DS once or twice already.  After a few days we know to expect "Poopapalooza" with usually one "poop-splosion".  The first time it happened I checked to see if he was running a slight fever...apparently getting a r

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  • My LO is EBF and is a once a week pooper. She always has been. It is generally a "poopsplosion" as PP said. Her pedi wasn't concerned as long as her tummy isn't rock hard, she seems to be feeling ok and having wet diapers.
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  • So my LO isn't EBF, but she does only take breast milk.  Since we brought her home she has only had a bowel movement every 2-3 days.  Our gastroenterologist said that BF babies typically have less bowel movements than FF babies.  She did sa
  • When we switched to formula our LO went from pooping 2-3 times per day to once per day. Then when we added in cereal, she now poops once every 2-3 days. Since it's still soft and mushy, we're not concerned. If they're constipated, their poops will be hard
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  • CJ is EBF and he has gone up to 6 days without. He normally goes 2-4 days between poops. My pedi says so long as he is acting normal, and the bms are soft when they come, that going up to a week is totally normal. 

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  • my son went through this too, and sometimes he didn't seem to mind but other times he would have an upset tummy and gas.  I started giving him watered down apple juice (1/2 ounce of each) and it helps him a ton.  It has made him less gassy and h
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