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Shots today :

DS has his two month shots today and I'm so not looking forward to this. It makes me sad to have to being him in to cause him pain. Just ready for this day to be over.

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Re: Shots today :

  • DS had his two weeks ago and they weren't that bad at all. He was already crying bc he was cold and he can't stand to be cold. They stuck him with the first needle and he stopped crying for a minute with this deer in headlights look then started again but
  • My dd had hers two weeks ago and she did great. She didn't fuss but for like 10 min that night and had a small fever for 15 min the next day but otherwise you'd have never known. Ds on the other hand cried anytime he moved his legs but Tylenol worked for
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  • DD had hers last week and they weren't bad at all. She was sleeping and she didn't eve wake up for the first one, just a little scream when the needle went in; with the 2nd shot she woke up and cried for less than a minute. It was almost feeding time s

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  • As PP have said the shots aren't that bad. My DD had them yesterday and quickly calmed down as I fed her right after she got them. The worst part for her and me has been the aftermath. She hasn't had a fever or been more fussy than normal, but the doct

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  • I felt exactly the same and almost cried before and during. *HUGS*


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