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Maternity Leave Question

Do you need a doctor's note to start maternity leave early? My job isn't physically strenuous, but is mentally taxing. I'm afraid that if I go into labor on a work day, I'll be too tired to make it through labor. Of course my boss waiting way to long to hire someone to replace me (and he hired someone without any experience whatsoever), and he's expecting that I'll work until I go into labor to train this person. I just feel like a doctor's note would help put me in a better light when I ask to go on maternity leave a week or two before my due date. I'm 37 weeks.

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    This is totally not what you asked, but I just want to jump in and point out that a lot of women go into labor late. So, if you stop working 2 weeks before your due date, you could potentially be out 4 weeks before actually giving birth, which is 4 wee

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    This is totally not what you asked, but I just want to jump in and point out that a lot of women go into labor late.

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  • At my job I have 6 months extended sick time (which would include maternity time and re-news every 5 years) Anyway with a doctor's note I was able to leave work 2 weeks before my due date but that DID NOT cut into my 6 weeks of maternity time

  • Here at my job you get no set time pre-birth (unlike some states that give you 4 weeks before your due date). So I can just go and start maternity leave, using FMLA & being unpaid if I wanted to. Unless you have a medical reason STD won't start unt

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  • It really depends on your workplace.  If you want to be covered by STD, you will absolutely need a doctor's note.  If you want to take sick leave, you will likely need a doctor's note.  If you want to take vacation time, that's probably

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  • It depends on your employer's rules.  FMLA is literally leave for the medical care of yourself or a loved one (or obviously bonding time for a birth or adoption) and my job requires paperwork from my doctor outlining the need for my leave.  Bein
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  • Like PPs have said, if you get a doctors note to leave before your due date, usually your FMLA clock starts. It really depends on how your leave is structured (company mat leave policy, STD, FMLA, etc.) if this will work for you. My DS didn't come un
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    I needed my OB to sign my forms in order to use FMLA.

    I agree with PP's that I would work as long as physically possibe.  Yes it sucks, but you'll be so glad that you did when you have the maximum time with baby.

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  • Most doctors won't write a note because you're mentally taxed. FMLA and disability are for legitimate issues.
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  • I Stopped working at 39 weeks, and my work required a doctors not for me to do so. My doctor started telling me at 37 weeks that if I felt working was to uncomfortable she would write me a note.


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