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Binky Hellllp

I just took away my 20 month olds binky on Friday and I am losing my mind! She is throwing temper tantrums and not sleeping. We had been weaning her off of it and just giving it to her when she sleeps and now we took it away when she sleeps. Now we dont use it an I am losing my mind. I know I have to deal with it but it I am going crazy. Any suggestions at all on how to cope with this and/or help my daughter with this process?

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  • We just went through the exact same thing with our 20 month old!!! Same process too....started by giving it to her only for naps and bed, and then just took away cold turkey.

    It took her probably a week before thing got better. She would th
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    We just went through the exact same thing with our 20 month old!!! Same process too....started by giving it to he

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  • image dhviel:

    I have found the bolded to not be true.  We let our oldest have her soother, just at naps & bedtime, until

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  • Probably not what the OP wants to hear but DS1 gave is up on his own at 2.5 and he was a serious paci-aholic.  He was only allowed to have it in the bed and in the car but he was seriously addicted.  One day, he bit a hole in it, handed it to

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  • We haven't gone though this yet.  We are still letting DD have her binky at nap & bed time. BUT when my sister went though this with my niece she took her to build-a-bear and told her she could get a stuffed animal but she would have

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  •  Idon't have advice for dealing with it for an older child.. but even though the process will suck and seem to never be ending.. don't give in! as soon as you do i swear you add days to the process all over again! we took DD's off around 8 months. it
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