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STM showers

Any second, or more, time moms having a baby shower? Just curious!
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Re: STM showers

  • Nah. My friend and mother offered but I said we could just have a party after the babies are here if they want.
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  • My SIL really wanted to do a sprinkle or something this time around.  She and my mom are hosting a luncheon at my mom's house on Saturday.  It's mostly family but since both of our families are local, it's gotten a bit bigger than I

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  • No. My girlfriends asked if I was having one and I said no, so we're all going to brunch one day and I suspect they'll bring a few small things.

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  • Yes. My daughter is 11 and this is my husbands first child so his side is throwing us a shower.
  • I declined the couple offers for a sprinkle. We have most of what we need this time around. And honestly, I feel so exhausted this pregnancy I can't imagine having to register or celebrate. That sounds pretty lame but this one has been a real doozie phy
  • Nope. Between DS's baby stuff, hand-me-downs, and all the things I can borrow from friends, we certainly don't need anything. Since we are also house-hunting and planning to move shortly after baby is born we will probably do a meet the baby/housewarming
  • No, I was not interested in another shower. Plus my babies will be 15 months apart, I have everything.
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  • No, I'm having my 3rd boy and I already have everything. If I do anything it will be "meet the baby" party. No gifts or anything just having fun and meeting the baby.

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  • My aunt and nanny are throwing us one,for no real reason other than that they were both hurt that they didn't get to throw one the last time. I declined but I was advised that either I suck it up and accept or they were going to throw a random surprise


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  • My family and friends are hosting one for me as my kids are older, 11 and 18.
  • My best friend and mom insisted, since I have nothing for a boy, and my shower for dd was in a different state two years ago. I know some women are big on "shower etiquette" but idc. I'm excited to have a little party.
  • My mom and sister are throwing me a baby shower, but only because, while this is my 5th baby, it is my first boy and since my youngest is 5-1/2 and I hadn't planned on having any more babies, I got rid of all of my baby stuff ages ago.
  • Yep and I'm shamelessly excited for it. It's common practice 'round here to have a shower for each kid. I couldn't care less about "zomg gifts", but I love a BBQ with all my friends.
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  • Nope, but I didn't have one the first time around either (living abroad away from family and friends). We are moving back when this baby is 4 or 5 months old so perhaps a meet the baby party then... 
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  • Two close friends of ours are throwing us a little sprinkle (i.e. lunch at a local restaurant).   There was no registry information on the invite, and I kept the guest list to just a few close friends and family members. 

    I know

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  • jlaOKjlaOK
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    No.  I've had offers since I'm having a girl this time, but I really don't want one.  I think my close girlfriends will probably throw a little dinner, but I don't want anything more.
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  • No.  My MIL is trying her best to give me one behind my back, but I don't want it!
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  • Yes. My BFF has been asking to throw the shower since I got my BFP. It's pretty common around here. It will be small and at my mom's house.

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  • I am, and I am super excited about it too. This is my Fiance first baby and my little girl is 7, so to me it makes sense. I didn't ask for one, but I am gladly accepting. I love getting together and celebrating, especially something as amazing as a new ba
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