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Super excited! About bfing...

Just wanted to share some excitement with little guy. This is about breastfeeding so if you aren't interested don't read. So, first two days of his life he nursed well. After that he chomped on my breasts and I was very Much in pain, sometimes bleeding. I tried to nurse him all day for first month but I would cry during his feeds from pain so I started pumping. I still nursed once or twice a day so he would not forget, and we supplemented with formula a couple times a day since I could not pump enough milk etc. I tried everything...lactation consultants, meds for breasts, all sorts of bottle nipples to limit nipple confusion...etc. I wanted to give up so badly because even nursing once a day hurt a lot and made pumping difficult as well. I felt so guilty...the awful pregnancy, labor, birth, and now this. My poor little guy...I couldn't even give him breastfeeding bonding. :( I didn't know what to do or how much longe I could go on with breastfeeding and pumping. But I took it one day at a time as with everything else. Then one day, little guy breastfed and it barely hurt at all! At three months he suddenly stopped chomping and did it correctly! So I let him keep trying. A few days later I was much less sore since I was actually healing. My supply had decreased from lack of actual breastfeeding so we still had to supplement but I let him nurse as much as I could. I remember the first few days felt like victory! We kept going, it kept getting better. For the last two months I was ALMOST exclusively breastfeeding...that was enough for me. Even though we still had to give formula once a day, I was finally nursing my baby! BUT for the past week or so we have been breastfeeding exclusively! I have actually increased my supply enough to feed him solely this way and for the most part (unless distracted or is bad position) he has been doing beautifully! I do get a little sore ever now and again, but I feel I can let him nurse for many months to come, since I know it's best for him. It was an uphill battle but we won! :D I know most wont understand what a victory this is... But for those that do...woot woot! I'm an exclusively breastfeeding mama! :D
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Re: Super excited! About bfing...

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