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What does baby sleep in?

Just wondering what everyone's LO sleeps in at night.  My LO is presently in a sleeper, and swaddled (under his arms).  He has however been kicking out the receiving blanket, and I found it completely off in the bassinet today.  I'm not a fan of loose blankets in the crib and so am considering alternatives now.  At a week old, he is still pretty small for the sleep sacks that I have (size small)....any suggestions?  What are your LOs doing?
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Re: What does baby sleep in?

  • DS sleeps in a short sleeve undershirt/onsie, then his fleece pajama onesie, and the Halo Sleepsack Swaddler.  We keep his arms out.  He loves his sleep sack, but hates to be swaddled with a blanket, he will kick it off.  The sleep sack

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  • Our little guy has been sleeping in either a footie one piece or a long sleeved onesie with a fleece halo sleep sack. Sometimes I will stick a hat on him if I feel like he might be a bit chilly. . . but that sleep sack sure does seem like it keeps him


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  • Ds had similar problem, we used the small swaddle me wrap after we tried to shrink it (wash in hot water, dryer).  At a month old, he's mostly in the newborn halo swaddle sleep sack.
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  • DS sleeps in a sleeper and gets swaddled in a swaddleme. he was a big baby so it's hard to swaddle him in a blanket, he is squirmy and breaks free. he loves his swaddleme and can't break out. 

  • We use the Summer Infant swaddler. We've been using those since DD was a few days old, and she's done really well with it. It uses velcro so its much more difficult to break out of than blankets.
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  • DD sleeps in a sleeper and a swaddleme.
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  • A onesie, socks, footed sleeper, and a fleece swaddle bag.
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  • The halo sleep sack swaddle me in newborn size would probably work for him.

    Our daughter was in a sleeper and swaddled with arms in using a carter's receiving blanket (they are stretchy and great for this).  Now

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  • DD is usually in a long sleeved onsie, socks and a swaddle blanket. At first I put her in a hat too but she always wriggled out of it. I prefer the sleeping gowns but I only have one that she isn't swimming in so I save it for chillier nights.
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    At 10 weeks, we're swaddling in a halo sleep sack arms out with a footed cotten pj underneath.
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  • Footie PJs & he is swaddled using 2 A&A blankets (with feet hanging out because he hates them wrapped up). Humidifer, floor & ceiling fan on all night.
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  • Right now she's in a onesie, cotton SwaddleMe + a fleece SwaddleMe. She can break out and pull the fabric around her face if she's not double swaddled like that. OR we use an A+A swaddle blanket and wrap it over one arm, under the body, over the other arm
  • DS sleeps in a onesie, socks, and cotton swaddle. We keep our room at 70. Some nights I put him in a fleece sleeper because it was really cold outside. 
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  • A long sleeve onesie and a Halo Sleepsack Swaddler, arms out.  She spent time in the Special Care Nursery at the hospital and this is what they had her in.  We just kept up the habit once she was home.  She is 5lbs in the newborn size and t

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