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Sharp pains near rib cage?

I'm 36+ weeks and just yesterday started getting sharp pains right under/beneath my rib cage. Should I be concerned? They feel kind of like breathing cramps (I was a competitive swimmer and they're similar to the cramps I'd get if I was breathing to much to my right side if anyone else is familiar with that!), but I'm not having trouble breathing anymore... in fact I think baby has dropped quite a bit over the last week because my hips are excruciating!

Any idea what this could be? My only thought is that it's literally bruised ribs from this dear child of mine beating up on me so forcefully.

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Re: Sharp pains near rib cage?

  • I have those too, and I think for me it's a combo of crowding and kicking - it's made walking difficult, with a jab of pain in every step. I think my abs are separating, too. I'm pretty it's not dangerous - just stupidly uncomfortable. At least there's a
  • If you have that coupled with swelling, headaches of changes in vision I would call your doctor. They were monitoring me for potential pree and they kept asking about pain under my right rib cage. If you are just repeatedly getting kicked there, then it i
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