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my fiancé is "nesting"

I'm 33 weeks along and have done my fair share of nesting at this point. What has surprised me, tho, is my fianc? going through his own version of nesting. He gone into total "provider mode" as I call it. It started with the usual stuff - going over the budget, re-assessing his business ventures, and consolidating debt. The  last few weeks have brought about a few surprises, however... 15 surprises to be exact. The Saturday before last he came home with 12 baby chicks. He wants to raise chickens for eggs. I was okay with that and consented to have them living under a heat lamp in my living room until they are old enough to go outside in the chicken coop he is building. I got another surprise (or 3 surprises rather) this Saturday when he came home with 3 young bunnies. These, apparently, he wants to breed and raise for meat. I just kinda laughed and said okay, as long as they stay outside. He built a hutch for them this past Sunday and watches over them, and his chicks, with adorable diligence. We are also starting a vegetable garden (again, Bob's idea) within the next few weeks. I love gardening so this will be fun for me.

We live in the country, and I grew up with chickens and rabbits, so I am really okay with all of it. I think it will be good for the baby - "Little Bob" as we call him - to grow up with the animals. I think it will teach him about responsibility, hard work, understanding where food comes from, and even life/death issues. Plus it will be fun to see him chase chickens around the yard lol. 

While I am excited about all he has planned, I am honestly feeling a little overwhelmed. Part of me wants to say "Honey, you know we are having a BABY, right? He's probably going to take up quite a bit of time and energy..." Yet I can't bring myself to be anything but supportive. His motives are so pure and he is so excited about everything. He is going to be such a good daddy. I'm sure it will all work out well with our "farm" in the end and be a lot of fun for us and the little guy :) 

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