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Bed Rest Blues

Well, as of yesterday, I'm ordered to stay home and rest. It's not complete bed rest; I can still get up and go sit on the sofa, but its pretty much rest, rest, rest and I'm going bonkers already!

I'm usually a pretty active person and this forced inactivity on top of the inactivity due to being so sick with hg is really bugging me despite the fact that I'm really tired.

I wound up with vaginal bleeding and went to the ER Sunday night for an absolutely horrible experience.

Called my doctor the next morning and was told to come in immediately. I was still lightly bleeding, probably more the remainder trickling out after the er doctor made me bleed more with his rough handling, and was cramping a bit, so my doctor did an ultrasound to check on everything.

Cervix is closed, no low-lying placenta or placenta previa, and the bleeding wasn't from the pregnancy. Thank GOD! We saw my little one and found out that we're likely having a girl! My doctor is pretty certain even though I was only 14 weeks and 2 days. She weighs 3 oz., has all the right organs, and was kicking up a storm! My doctor said she's feisty already. Baby is fine, but I was ordered to rest. I didn't even have an option. They faxed the orders to my work. The secretary told me I'd better take care of myself, so apparently, they agree with my doctor. I'll do whatever it takes to make sure my baby is healthy, but I'm so BORED!

 Any ideas to help keep me occupied? I have a kindle but that only keeps me occupied for so long and I can't find where my husband put our playstation and he's at work. 

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