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I still have inside babies

Huge thanks to Krwact for keeping everyone updated while everything fell apart last night and even bigger thanks to everyone who sent T&Ps.

Latest update is I still have inside babies and hopefully they will remain there for a little while longer. I contracted so hard and fast all night the nurse thought for sure my cervix would be at max when she went to check me before shift change but lo and behold it held it's own all night. Today my contractions are pretty sparse so with the cervix holding up and contractions slowing on their own I've been moved to my own room in Antepartum, fed, and showered. I feel 100% better. They aren't planning to let me leave so hospital bedrest it will be but for every day longer I keep them in, thats 3 less days in NICU which is worth it's weight in gold to me.

Cook my little boys!!

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First Ultrasound... TRIPLETS! EDD 5/11/13
Baby w/ no HB @ 10w4d - We love you angel baby.
Baby A & B doing great. A/S 12/10/12 - Healthy BOYS!
Sawyer & Silas born at 33+6 on 3/29/13
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Re: I still have inside babies

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