When did you give up the high chair?

My girls are constantly standing up in their high chairs and seemingly trying to stand on the trays. Last night I just stopped their dinner and said no more, this is dangerous but I'm sure they would have eaten more.

I'm afraid to move to a small table and chairs thinking they will  never sit still and eat.   


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Re: When did you give up the high chair?

  • i wish my 2 year old nephew was still in a highchair. he walks around, puts food all over the place... doesn't ever really eat. but if they're standing up.. sounds scary!
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  • How about a booster seat?  They can be at the table or use the tray, but are still strapped in.  We moved the twins to them around 10 months.  They liked the mobility much better.

     Are they unbuckling themselves in the highcha

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  • jcathjcath
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    We bought used high chairs and the straps are broken.  It wasn't a problem at first b/c the tray fits on snuggly but now they've figure out how to get out.

    We do have booster seats - I can give those a try. 


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  • ::lurking::

    No multiples here, but we still use a high chair every time for DS (2.5 years) and for DD1 about half the time (3.5 years).

    ETA: We have the high chairs that attach to the big-people chairs.

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  • we still use highchairs at 2 years old. 

    the chairs have a 5 point harness strap (over shoulders, around waist, buckles in between legs).  they cannot get out of the straps / chairs even if we don' use the trays.

    Our high c

  • yeah, we have the FP space saver chairs and our kids can sit right up to the table or have the tray..but buckles are a must. our kids can buckle themselves in, but can't UNbuckle yet muwahaha!
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  • DD decided at about 2.5 that she was no longer using the high chair. DS still uses it. DD sits in a regular chair at the table and eats as she will not use a booster seat either. Likely if they are out of the high chair they will eat less, but still hopef
  • We still use a booster for DS. He's buckled in and scooted up to the table. Way way way better than a high chair bc it takes up so much less space!

    He needs to be buckled or else he won't sit still. Buckles are essential.

  • We switched from the FP Space Savers to FB booster seats (with straps) on their 2nd birthday. I'm not giving up buckles until they go to college :) 
  • We switched to boosters with straps before they were 2.  


  • My girls were strapped into their high chairs/seats until they were close to 2.5?  I would do swift consequences.  You stand up, dinner is over.  This is one of those battles you want to nip in the bud very quickly, or dinner time is going
  • We switched to boosters (with straps) a couple of months ago.  I sold those monster high chairs in our twin sale and never looked back! 

     The boosters do have straps - no way we're ready to go strapless yet!

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