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For those of you on bed rest who can't go to work...were you able to apply for disability?

My son was born 8 weeks early in June 2012 and I am pregnanat again...29 weeks.  I got put on bed rest at 27 weeks due to cervical shortening and contractions.  My job (I thought) was pretty flexible with allowing people to work from home but I just found out this morning my medical telework package has been disapproved.  I wasn't given a reason but I'm waiting to hear back from my boss.

I don't know anything about disability or the qualifications so I thought I'd check here.

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Re: Disability?

  • Might have something to do with two incidents within the same 12 month period. Especially if you used everything allowed last year. You might just be out of time. Hopefully your boss or HR can give you details.

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  • I'm sure it depends where you live.  I am in Ontario, Canada and when we apply for Employment Insurance Maternity Leave (paid by government not workplace) you can also receive up to 15 additional weeks of sickness leave related to pregnancy, this


  • You won't be able to get disability through the government.  you would have to get it through your work, if they offer it.  Or with a secondary company like Aflac.  And then most likely you would have to have it for 12 months to be able

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