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Inconsolable Baby

So I'm not quite sure what is going with my son who is almost 15 weeks now. I need some help from you ladies! I caught a cold and my son got it from me. I kept him upright to avoid laying him on his back to decrease the stuffiness. He began to puke and my doctor said to go on pedialyte. That helped and his spitting up is back to normal. But for the past few days he has been so fussy! He will scream and be inconsolable. He used to wake up every 3-4 hours at night and since he got the cold, he falls asleep at 8pm and wakes up at 4am, 6am, then is awake at 8am roughly. So he will scream throughout the day until he falls asleep. Once he falls asleep, he crashes. There have been a couple times where he refuses to eat from the breast and from a pumped bottle. Any ideas??

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  • According to the Wonder Weeks, weeks 15-19 are pretty "stormy" so it very well could be that and just incredibly bad timing with the cold. My son went through a few phases of not wanting to take his bottle, but if you are concerned at all I would put in a
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  • Sounds like just a phase. I hope it goes away soon!
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  • My daughter is 12 weeks and it sounds like the same thing that is up with her. She is so tired, trying to grow and get over a cold... Poor babies! I think it's normal to sleep a lot while they are sick and not be that hungry. If she gets enough sleep whic
  • Does he still sound congested? Congested babies have a terrible time trying to eat and often wil not eat enough and awaken more frequently because of this. Try some saline nasal spray and a nose frieda. Baby will hate having it done but will quickly c
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  • Is he arching his back or acting like he's in pain at all? We ended up switching our LO to soy formula because she would scream inconsolably (mostly in the evenings) and arch her back like she was in pain. We also used Colic Calm and that stuff worked

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