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nameless baby boy, help!!

I'm usually a very creative person and couldn't wait to have my first baby boy so i could pick a name, but now that the moment is here i'm clueless! i don't even know where to start...any ideas ?

Re: nameless baby boy, help!!

  • Naming a human is hard. Check out the baby name board.

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  • Pierce, Soren, Bruce, Adrian. 
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    I really like the name Bryce. I'm having a girl this time but if we were having a boy it would have been Bryce. I also like cason. Dh named DS and he wasn't a fan of cason but I really like it.
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  • I like more traditional names.... Luke, Christian, Jason, Patrick, Noah...



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  • Hubby and I took forever choosing a name for our son. I wanted a jr, he didn't want a jr. We ended up compromising and setting it up so baby could have same initials as dad. This really helped us narrow things down. Then, once we knew what initials we

  • Nymbler is awesome. I'd type in a couple names you like and browse the list it gives you of related names.

    I'm totally biased but Eric Ryan is a pretty great, classic name. ;]


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  • I really wanted to name my baby boy Coen Robert but my fianc? is a junior and wanted to continue the family name of Robert David (mine will be III). I still love the name Coen and hope to have another boy so I can use it lol. If you hate it that's okay bu
  • 38 weeks, team green, still no name. All we have is boy's middle name, we had girl middle name picked out but DH just decided he didn't like it. Picked up some name books at the library yesterday. Hopefully we will get some new ideas that we can agree on,
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