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Due Date Vent

Went to the doctor today for a membrane sweep. She decided against it because I am only 1cm dilated and 50% effacing. I am irritated because the plan was to induce me Thursday. Now she wants to wait a week to do the sweep. 

I want a natural child birth. However I am in a situation where I can not have my baby in my town. I am currently 6 hrs from home staying at my brother's house. My husband is with me and has been off work two weeks now. We are here at least one more week and am not happy. We can not afford to both be off work and sitting in my brother's basement waiting for LO to arrive. It's stressful, uncomfortable and just plain boring.

 Guessing we are going to be having an April birth date and going to be very broke when baby decides to arrive. :( 




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